Toptracer® Technology Brings Extra Excitement, Detail & Fun To A Game That Already Rocks! 

Golf was already awesome, but digital Toptracer® technology takes it to all-new levels of fun and excitement. Using the same dynamic technology you see on PGA broadcasts, Toptracer® powerful computers completely transforms the old “driving range” experience using launch, speed, curve and other data analysis – all delivered in real time as you hit your ball out onto our live range at colorful targets. No hitting into boring mats at PrairieFire! You can even play famous virtual golf courses and other fun games, getting instant feedback with each shot – competing against your friends in person as well as players around the world online. Book a bay today!

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Fun For All Ages

Bring the whole family to PrairieFire. Toptracer® has fun games for adults and kids of all ages. The family will enjoy hanging out in our beautifully appointed hitting bays, gathering around the fire and just being together in our super-fun, healthy environment. And don’t forget the food and drink! There’s something for everybody on the PrairieFire Grill menu! Make a reservation for the family today!

Download The Toptracer® App

Before your first visit to PrairieFire Golf + Grill we encourage you to take a quick moment to download the Toptracer® Range app on your phone. It’s fast, easy and free – and it allows you to keep track of and store all the amazing Toptracer® data available for every shot you take – here in Byron or at Toptracer® Ranges in other locales. Just click a link below:

Game Improvement? Toptracer Is A Swing Geek’s Dream Come True!

If you’re truly serious about your golf game, just imagine how much progress you can make in the wintertime at PrairieFire – or in the summer on a rainy day. From ball speed to launch angle to spin to curve to apex to carry to total distance, Toptracer® gives you priceless, instant feedback on the most minute changes you make on your swing – in real time. It’s a swing geek’s dream come true and PrairieFire will soon become every serious golfer’s home away from home.

Toptracer® Means Games Galore!

Toptracer® Range technology offers all kinds of data and all kinds of games to engage your imagination, your swing, your friends and even new opponents around the world. From Longest Drive to virtually playing some of the world’s most famous golf courses, Toptracer® technology and PrairieFire Golf + Grill are here to please. You’ll love it!

Best for the statistician or avid golfer

This comprehensive training mode allows guests to hone their skills by offering data such as distance (carry and total), ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and distance to target.

Beginners, players looking to improve and those looking to learn more.

This mode encourages Guests to dig deeper into their golf bag and learn the details of each type of club. It also allows them to store those stats over time on the Toptracer Range Network.

Golfers and competitors, millennial social seekers, kids and families, and people who like to travel.

This mode gives Guests the opportunity to play some of the world’s greatest golf courses right from your bays. Individuals and groups can play a full 18 holes without ever have to leave the range.

Millennial social seekers, families, competitors and the golf purist.

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get some excitement going in the bay. This game allows friends to compete while working on their swing.

All around golfers and competitors, millennial social seekers, kids and families.

Who can hit the farthest? This game lets Guests settle the argument once and for all by turning the range in a proper long drive grid for up to eight players.

Millennial social seekers, kids and families.

This game lets friends compete for points based on distance from the target and is great for people that like a friendly challenge. Guests can even add In Air bonus rings for and extra challenge.


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